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Everything you need to offer your users lab-analyzed blood, urine, and saliva tests with at-home sample collection.

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At-home testing is the future

At-home testing is fast, convenient, and more efficient than in-person lab visits. This is the future of diagnostics.

HIPAA compliant
End-to-end logistics and lab integrations
Launch in days, not months

Your users,
your brand

Launch with packaging and digital tools that match the brand your users already know and love.

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Our Process


Order kits

We send an at-home collection kit to your user. Some states require a doctor’s order. We handle this for you.


User collects a sample

After collecting a sample, your user sends it to one of our partner labs using the provided prepaid mailer.


Get results

We make it easy to integrate results into your customer-facing app. We provide results, normal ranges, and medically-vetted interpretations.

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A turnkey solution for home testing

Launching a testing operation is hard, but it doesn't need to be. Focus on what you do best, let us handle the rest.

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Spot powers the brands transforming remote care

Whatever your connection to diagnostics, Spot is here to help you launch faster and better.

Personalize Products

Tailor to a user's specific needs and track their progress - supplements, fitness programs, meal plans, and more.

Improve Patient Experience

Stop sending users to draw sites. Monitor chronic conditions and screen for cancers, STIs and more at home.

Demonstrate Efficacy

Promote your product with evidence-based claims. We help you run efficacy studies at a fraction of the cost.

Learn how home testing adds value to your brand

Let's work together to change the future of patient care.

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